V60 Pour-over Iced Coffee: My Recipe

iced coffee

I've been brewing pour-over for 2 years. This is my version of pour-over iced coffee recipe inspired by some of my friends, and YouTube videos of course. It's cold but not watery and still has the characteristic (aroma and flavor) of the beans.

I'm using 20gr of arabica medium roasted beans.

Grind it into medium-fine. Use a conical (ceramic) burr grinder. It produces more uniform grounds of coffee than a blade grinder.

I will be using a 1:15 ratio (20gr coffee/300gr water). But here's the twist. I will brew the coffee using 200gr of 97 degrees Celsius water (1:10) and then add 100gr of ice.

By brewing 20gr of coffee with 200gr of 97 degrees Celsius water, I want to release as many strong flavors as I can. Because at the end the ice will dilute those strong flavors.

Now the ice, I will use 50:50 ice on the decanter and the serving glass. 50gr of ice on the decanter and 50gr of ice on the serving glass. 50gr of ice on the decanter will act as the cooling agent for the coffee. It turns down the temperature of the coffee before it goes to the serving glass. So the ice in the serving glass will not be melting instantly because of the extreme temperature differences.

Anyway, this is not the a-must ratio. You can experiment too.

Here's the detail:

  • 100gr of 97 degrees Celsius water will brew the coffee.
  • 50gr of the ice will go into the decanter or pot, or server or whatever you call it.
  • 50gr of the ice will go into the serving glass.

Now let's brew it.

Rinse the paper filter with hot water on the sink directly. So, your decanter stays at room temperature. Very important so the ice temperature won't drop and melting.

Now, put 50gr of ice on your decanter.

Then, put your V60 on top of the decanter and start brewing with this order:

  1. Pour 40gr of water (2x 20gr ground coffee) in approx. 10 seconds. Then, wait for 35 seconds to let the coffee release carbon dioxide (CO2). I don't stir it.

  2. Pour 100gr of water in approx. 25 seconds. Stir the coffee ground gently in 5 seconds after completely pour the water. I use a wooden chopstick. Then, let all the water sink.

  3. Pour the rest of 60gr in approx. 15 seconds. Then, let all the water sink.

I like to drop my water in a 4gr/sec flow rate. Experimentally, this is a 'just click' flow rate for me.

You will finish your brew in approx. 2:15 - 2:30.

Now you want to jiggle your decanter to let the ice do the job.

Now it is ready to serve in your serving glass with 50gr of ice.

This method always gives me a pour-over iced coffee with a distinct flavor of my beans of choice.

Some variable changes I usually do:

  • Add more ice to the serving glass
  • No stir
  • Use less water temperature and coarser grind, usually 89-92 degree Celsius of water
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