Welcome to this blog

What a great day!

I just started bulid my own blog with my own domain. I'm using Medium for my main blogging platform until now but I think the paywall is rather annoying for the reader. I, then, decide to use my own website as a main blogging platform. It's all free and no paywall. Everyone can read 'em.

Unlike my old posts on Medium, I will write more diverse topics other than software engineering here. I do have a plan to start writing about my journey on my friends' startup I'm working on, or some things I learn, or my point of view regarding some topics. Maybe some Naruto-Boruto content too 🤔 *that would be interesting

That short warm welcome would do, I think.

⚠️ Developer's Area ⚠️

I'm using Next.js with react markdown to parse my blog md file. I don't use any CMS as I feel that most of it are bloated and unnecessary. I tried Netlify/Jekyll but it just doesn't feel good in my hands. So yeah, I build my personal blog site with a very simple markdown "CMS" and my very own blog "design", if that counted as a design lol.

Everytime I want to publish a blog I need to commit my markdown file and changes on metadata file to GitHub. Since I host it on ZEIT, my changes on master branch will be pulled by ZEIT to their serverless function running my code. If everything is good within minutes my new blog is on the internet 👌

I don't really have a taste on designing a shiny website. So, I think I better be use monochrome color and using a simple component to avoid such cringe website, although it's boring but because I'm indeed a boring person I think that's okay.

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